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Helping Homeowners & Family Members

Helping Homeowners and Family Members “nzMold cleaned up a severe infestation in my parents’ home. You conducted a thorough investigation and discovered the hidden moisture source that had been causing the mold growth. It’s been 7 months now and there has not been any return of mold growth.” – Concerned Family Member, 2006

You’ve heard it before...mold is everywhere. The question is: how do you decide if you have a real problem? nzMold uses an objective testing method through an independent laboratory to determine if you have a legitimate air quality issue caused by mold. We send a professional mold inspector certified by the American Indoor Air Quality Council to visit your home and identify potential issues. If you don’t have a problem, we’ll let you know. But if your mold level suggests a potential health risk, we’ll share the results and discuss your options.

If you have a problem that requires remediation, we may be able to help you avoid tearing down walls or evacuating for long periods of time. We don’t use dangerous chemicals, and our process includes a post-treatment air quality report verified by an independent laboratory and a limited warranty. To learn why we are at the forefront of our industry, please click the link below.

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