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Healthier Air Quality in Schools & Institutions

Healthier Air Quality in Schools and Institutions

“I could not be happier with the results nzMold delivered in clean up of the mold in our classrooms. They also identified the problem with our HVAC system which had facilitated the mold growth. With the HVAC system repair and nzMold treatment, our mold problems are a thing of the past!” - Private School Administrator, 2005

“nzMold is to be commended for its economical, safe, and effective services. The mold was successfully removed at the time of retesting. Both teachers and students commented about feeling better and safer.” - Public School System Superintendent, 2005


Healthier Air Quality in Schools and Institutions

“Our daycare center experienced serious mold growth after the flood. The mold cleaning services offered by nzMold allowed us back in our classrooms in record time.” - Daycare Center Manager, 2005

If poor air quality related to mold is a problem at your school or institution, please call 877-225-MOLD (877-225-6653) and click below for more information.

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