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Experience the Power of nzMold
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Experience the Power of nzMold™

Our 10-Step Treatment Protocol:

  1. Initial Telephone Consultation with the Customer
  2. On-Site Evaluation by a Certified Mold Inspector
  3. Water Source Investigation and Identification
  4. Presentation of Mold Remediation Options
  5. Preparation of Home or Building for Remediation
  6. Spraying the Home or Building to Destroy Mold
  7. Scrubbing the Air to Destroy Airborne Contaminants
  8. Post-Treatment Testing and Completion Protocol
  9. Returning the Customer to a Cleaner, Healthier
  10. Delivering Final Report, Certification of
    Completion and Limited Warranty

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Experience the Power of nzMold  
Reasons to Choose nzMold:
  • nzMold is typically safer and more cost-effective than other remediation methods
  • nzMold helps eliminate the need for expensive demolition and lifestyle disruptions
  • nzMold uses objective, third-party evaluation to determine if treatment is warranted
  • nzMold technicians are trained to identify the underlying causes of mold infestation
  • nzMold treatment involves a proprietary 10-step protocol that can reduce downtime
  • nzMold technicians are certified by the American Indoor Air Quality Council (AmIAQ)
  • nzMold meets EPA demands for safer products to replace harsh, primitive chemicals
  • nzMold is an all-natural enzymatic formula that dramatically cleans up mold contamination
  • nzMold will not harm most common items in the home or work environment
  • nzMold can help reduce liability and cost of litigation for property owners
  • nzMold includes pre-/post-treatment testing and an exclusive limited warranty
  • nzMold distributors are locally owned and operated by AmIAQ-certified mold remediation experts

Mold Remediation & Prevention

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