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Superior Service for Commercial Customers

“We have always prided ourselves on the condition of our buildings. The services we received enabled us to ensure our tenants that they are working and living in a mold-free environment.” – Building Manager, 2005

“nzMold resolved a mold problem in my office that two other remediators could not. Your product worked as advertised and all of your people were very professional. I highly recommend nzMold. “ – Dentist, 2005

nzMold has a proven track record serving a wide variety of commercial customers, from small businesses to large corporations and office buildings. Our cost-effective technology and warranty ensure that you are satisfied with the results. Please call us at 877-225-MOLD (877-225-6653) and learn more about our process by clicking the link below.

Experience the Power of nzMold™

Superior Service for Commercial Customers

Mold Remediation & Prevention

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